Honduras Fact File available to download (PDF)



We have been strongly focused on our
strategy of monetizing data, increasing
our postpaid base and building and filling
our HFC network.

In Mobile, we have seen an increase of 14.7%
in B2C mobile data revenue. We added a
record of almost 270,000 smartphone data
users this year, which is driving strong growth
in our postpaid segment.

The shift toward higher-value and postpaid
customers is having a favorable impact on
ARPU, which remains down year-on-year but
has been relatively stable throughout 2017.

HFC coverage has grown 45.6% this year
resulting in Home revenue growth of 16.7%
and helped by our partnership with Sony to
provide our customers with Crackle, Sony’s
Over-The-Top (OTT) content service. Home
ARPU continues to increase, expanding at an
8.2% rate year-over-year.

We have exceeded our targets in customer
service, but remain committed to continuous
improvement. We introduced a variety of
tools that give us better insight into client
needs and improve the levels of self-service
available to our customers.

The EBITDA margin reached 45.3%, an
increase of 3.2 percentage points over 2016.