As the market leader in a growing economy we are moving quickly to meet growing demand while keeping control of quality and a firm focus on meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

In Mobile, revenue grew more than 20%, as a result of our strategy to accelerate the transition from voice and SMS to data. We added another 388,000 subscribers to our growing 4G customer base – a rise of 139% on last year – and boosted mobile service revenue by 5.7%.

Meanwhile in Home, we increased the number of HFC homes passed by 20.7% and grew service revenue by 20.2%, driven by strong pent-up demand for our services.

In B2B, we successfully launched the Tigo Money suite for Businesses which includes a 360° solution for small and medium-sized business (SMBs) collection and payments needs, including Bulk Payments, Merchants app, mPOS and Payment Gateway.

Our priority now is to increase usage of our digital channels for top up and bill payment. P2P Interoperability is on its way to be launched in Q2 with the cooperation of the Central Bank and all wallet companies.