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Annual Report 2017 - Corporate Responsbility Strategy 

 We regard corporate responsibility (CR) as integral to our business and, consequently, as a fundamental part of our strategy. It is central to our future success, it enhances and protects our customers and the communities in which we operate and it safeguards our reputation for responsible leadership.

Our aim is to move beyond compliance and industry standards to nurture and embed a culture of social responsibility that extends to every touchpoint of our operations.

We are in an excellent position to empower people with our services and to positively influence social and economic development in our markets. Our CR strategy has three long-term objectives:

• Measure the success and health of our company beyond financials;
• Promote, protect, and strengthen our reputation; and
• Demonstrate thought leadership in areas that couple with business success.

In 2017, we continued to focus on eight topics identified as most material in 2016, to enable continuity and maturation.

That said, materiality is a dynamic concept, even more so in a fast-evolving industry such as ours.

As a result, in 2018, we are performing a new materiality assessment to give us a better understanding of the changes that have taken place over the past few years, deepen our knowledge of what matters most to our stakeholders, and help us to better align our strategy and goals with the topics where we make the most impact.

2018 is the fifth year of the five-year plan laid out in 2014, therefore it’s marking the opportunity to build on the lessons learned and capabilities acquired, to renew and redefine targets.

Each of these topics is monitored internally, understanding the integral and transversal approach necessary for managing them.

Engaging with our stakeholders is also part of our commitment to responsible leadership, through which we work towards becoming leaders in our industry by doing business in the right way. It is, indeed, a crucial aspect in how we define issue-specific courses of action and seek feedback in the effort to address our impacts and their expectations with proved precision year after year.

We are constantly improving our abilities to listen, and to establish fluent dialogs with governments, NGOs, our communities, our suppliers as well as our own people.

In our Annual Report 2017 you will find examples of our work with UNICEF, our participation in the Global Network Initiative (GNI) and our engagement with governments. All of these– and the rest of the vital work we do – help illustrate our commitment to corporate responsibility at Millicom.