Music streaming for millions of mobile users in Africa and Latin America

In 2013, Millicom scored a first when it launched a music streaming service for mobile users called Tigo Music.

In doing so, we have since become the first to offer mobile customers in Africa and Latin America access to a catalogue of more than 36 million songs, including new tracks, and the freedom to recommen and share songs by favourite artists and groups, both local and international.

Tigo Music is now streaming in Honduras, Colombia, Paraguay, Guatemala, Bolivia, El Salvador, Ghana and Tanzania. In Colombia, it has quickly become the country's most popular and largest music streaming service. Colombian Grammy Award winning artist Juanes is one of several leading artists to have joined Tigo Music in the studio for an exclusive recording session.

As the first of its kind within our markets, Tigo Music is an exciting product platform. Not only do Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa already feature the fastest growing regions for music sales, they represent huge markets for mobile data use and smartphone adoption.

In all of our markets, our future depends on keeping the Tigo Music brand as close to our customers as possible. We know they want higher levels of local language and localised adaptation. This demands that we give them not only the songs everybody listens to, but also work hard to nurture and promote home-grown talent.